Ben Barbersmith

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— Last updated on Jan 3, 2020

Living in Reading with my wife, Carol, and 1 year old daughter, Anna.

Trying to find a way get enough family time while working 40 hours per week at Google and commuting for almost 3 hours per day. Working from home a lot as a compromise, and considering the idea of part-time or fully remote work.

Working on Caster Level before dawn and during commutes. Trying to grow it from a hobby business (£4k/yr) into a sustainable lifestyle business (£20k/yr). Marketing Spell Tracker for Pathfinder 1e to grow revenue while researching and prototyping Spell Tracker for Pathfinder 2e.

Brushing up on my golang skills via Exercism and the aforementioned Spell Tracker for Pathfinder 2e prototyping.

Reading about effective altruism and related topics like existential risk. Donating 10% of my post-tax income to top GiveWell charities in 2020. Considering taking the Giving What We Can pledge to make it permanent next year.

Following a short training plan from Daniels’ Running Formula to try and run fast (sub 1:27) at Wokingham Half Marathon or Reading Half Marathon.

Watching my weight again after putting on 4kg since the end of my paternity leave.

Tentatively trying to write more. But it’s the lowest priority on this list, which is already too long.

(This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’s post The /now page movement.)

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