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Hello! Thanks for visiting my online home.

I structure my life around a simple goal: be happy and healthy in the year 2100. (Yes, really.)

Along the way I aspire to:

I’m building a collection of articles and notes about anything that gets me closer to my goal. Happiness, ethical living, financial independence, career satisfaction, entrepreneurship, health, relationships, goal setting, sleep, nutrition… these topics are all fair game.

I’ll also write about projects I’m working on, tools I’ve built, and technology I’m interested in.

Check out my /now page to find out what I’m doing now. Or email me anytime.

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Aug 4, 2020
Leaving Google This was the best job I ever had. But after 7 awesome years at Google, it's time for me to move on.
Jun 27, 2020
Life (June 2020) June seems to have been a long month. Maybe it was the big decision I've been building up to (more on that next month)....
Jun 2, 2020
Life (May 2020) Life is rhythmic, peaceful, gentle. I am largely content. Except for being unable to see my family and friends, I have ...
May 5, 2020
Life (April 2020) April was a full month in lockdown, yet it flew by. The world is so different to how it was even a month ago, and so ma...
Mar 29, 2020
Life (March 2020) I turned 33 yesterday. Not being allowed to leave the house except to buy essential goods and take one form of exercise...
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